MEYSO is child-first and child focused. We are a soccer organisation with happy, healthy kids as our passion.

Every decision, every rule and every program has “what’s good for kids” as its basis. Every child stepping on a soccer field for the first time can have fun. MEYSO’s child-first approach also makes it one of the finest player development programmes. Everybody likes to win, but developing successful players and people is what’s fundamental in MEYSO.

You can set a soccer ball down on any corner in the world and have friends. It is a global sport that the Middle East have embraced for many years because it’s fun even with a beginner’s skill level. It’s also a game you can play and enjoy for the rest of your life!

With children’s natural joy in running and kicking, soccer builds on these two skills and adds in techniques to control the ball and work as a team. It also encourages creative decision-making and strategic thinking. And it’s a fast game that keeps each player moving the entire time. In the MEYSO leagues there’s hardly any time spending the game on the bench! We ensure that during our coaching sessions that no child stands in a line waiting for their turn. Every session is tailored to include every child all of the time.

MEYSO has age appropriate small-sided games. A full size soccer team has 11 players on the field. But smaller-sided teams for younger children allow more touches on the ball and a more successful soccer- learning environment.

MEYSO small-sided games emulate classic “street soccer” where children of many skill levels choose up teams and play together for a fun neighborhood game. This is a similar environment to where many of the greatest soccer players in the world developed their skills.