Under 8s MEYSO League Table

The Under 8′s League is proving to be a fantastic way for children to interact with new friends every week!

Every Saturday the players arrive at 10:30am for a warm up with a ball each for ball manipulation.

We then organize the boys into their teams, choosing different captains each week.  It is their job to welcome their fellow team mates and give them a team shirt and check that they are wearing shin pads, long socks and soccer shoes.  They also get to choose the team name!

Once the boys are in teams, the fixtures are read out and the boys go to their pitch for their first game. We play a maximum of 4-a-side (usually 3-a-side).  If there is an odd number of teams, the team who aren’t involved in a match gets some extra coaching on the training pitch.

We don’t worry too much about keeping score (the children know this!).  Our job is to encourage the boys, giving quick short tips during the match and let the game be the teacher!

Each game lasts between 7 – 10 minutes. At the end of the match, players meet in the middle of the pitch to shake hands/ high fives and say “good game” to their opponents.

We then meet in the shaded area “The changing rooms” where the players share stories about their game to the other players whilst taking fluids on board.  Whilst they do this, MEYSO coaches may highlight something that may have occurred in their game and give the boys helpful tips on what they can do during certain situations.

Each team will play approximately five games.  Return the playing shirts and go home with a big smile on their face!

Photos will be uploaded each week so watch this space!!

MEYSO’s Six Philosophies:

Everybody Plays | Balanced Teams | Open Registration | Positive Coaching | Good Sportsmanship | Player Development