Coaching Sessions

MEYSO Coaches ensure that your child has the best possible soccer experience at every session they attend. Each session is thoroughly planned and takes into account the following criteria:

• Safety

• Learning

• Enjoyment

• Competition

Every session will begin with a warm-up and ball familiarisation to suit the ability and age group.

Every player will have a ball each to practice dribbling, turning and control.

Every session will have an objective. For example: Shooting, Defending, Positive dribbling etc Competition will be included in many of the exercises to suit the age of the players.

Every player will be involved at all times and not be waiting in lines.

Socc-assessment:  This is a way for your child to progress through different levels through tests in the following areas: Juggling, Dribbling, Turning, Ball-Striking, Passing and Fast-Feet.  Every player will be awarded with a certificate and colored wrist band to represent each of the eight levels.  Can you reach Level 8 and get your black MEYSO band?

Every session will end with small sided games to focus on the objective in the session.  After all the best coach is the game itself.

Players are praised for high effort levels and attempting new skills – it’s ok to make mistakes!